Design Ethos

Effective design communicates the personality and level of professionalism and authenticity of your company. It  evokes an emotional and visceral response. It invites. Amplifies. Supports. Leads. Directs. Connects. Engages. It’s the bridge between your company and your customers.

Design involves conscious choices, careful thought, research, exploration, creativity and problem-solving, as well as knowledge of composition, typography, imagery, and color to communicate concepts visually. When done well, it is the quiet partner that brings your project into the spotlight, so it can shine.

Personal Intro

As a designer, I draw upon my family upbringing in art and my studies in dance and choreography. I help lead the eye of the viewer, so that information can be visually engaging and inviting, purposeful and digestible.

I deeply appreciate good design in all it’s forms: architecture, interiors, gardens, public spaces, clothing, everyday objects, landscapes, and well-done platforms of communication. I love to be around it, touch it, observe it, use it, interact with it, be inspired by it, because it influences the way I see things and alters my perspective.

I believe that design should not be a distraction or merely decorative, but an invitation to draw the viewer in and take them on a journey. It’s when the beautiful has been made functional. 

Many streams feed the river:

I’ve been teaching yoga for 20 years, and have been fortunate enough to join the Naam Yoga Therapies teacher training team. This work has taken me to far-flung locations such as China, Mexico City and Prague. The years of experience in this field allow me to bring positivity and integrity to any project. 

"On the side": Throughout my life I’ve been feeding my appetite for artistic expression in all realms. For years, I performed with the Oratorio Society of New York at Carnegie Hall and also in Rome, Venice and Paris. Choreography was my emphasis of study in college, and I danced professionally in NYC. I have also performed with a singing trio “Tres Leches” and recorded on a number of a CDs. 

Professional Bio

Renée Skuba has over 15 years of experience working in graphic design, with the first seven of those years in educational and children’s book design and layout. In 2005, she launched her own business to offer a suite of design services to clients—from project and print management to art direction, design, layout and production. 

Renée holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah and has continued to refine her skills through study at the School of Visual Arts and Noble Desktop in NYC.

In addition to heading the business, Renée is a qualified Naam Yoga instructor and Teacher Trainer and teaches classes and workshops throughout NYC and beyond.

Renee Skuba Graphic Design is WBE-certified.